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Dow Not Down Any More


Monday our positions saw drug stocks up on new covid concerns, notable Esperion, ESPR, our best performer but other winners including Zymeworks (ZYME) Novacure (NVCR), and even Novartis and Roche up on new vaccine news. Energy was also buoyant led by volatile Energy Fuels, UUUU, and Plug Power, PLUG. Schlumberger ltd gained... More

John Lewis book


A message from my Distant Cousin Dick, the Oil TraderFor 8 days in a row the price of  oil has been falling not because there is less demand, but because of the dollar falling in the DXY index against most other major currencies, says Dick. The oil price is lower in other... More

What I am buying Friday


Unlike Kathie Woods I am not selling my drug stocks which are offering treatment for covid-19 usingmonoclonal antibodies (Roche Holdings partner with Regeneron) and Astra Zeneca which is offering a bispecific antibody. Here in England there is a huge move to boost jabbed peoples immunity with booster shots. I thinkthe same thing will happen... More

Friday file


Toyota has cut its output 40% over fear of the delta variant of covid, plus shortages of electronics. This is terrifying markets outside the USA.Japan is also in focus because Mitsubishi UFJ Finance, which wwe recommend, has signed up to offer Coinbase in Japan, to add more young investors to the... More

Blog for Thursday


My husband fell and was hospitalized,, why the blogs ceased. he is now released by the NHS. US stocks fell as I anticipated buy European and British ones are buoyant.Israeli Compugen and its backer Astra Zeneca are up on news that CGEN's bi-specific antigen TIGIT is moving to clinical trials in... More

Friday the Thirteenth blog from London


Eeck. We await the refrigerator repairman and meanwhile I am doing a laundry and my husband is practicing walking with a frame after falling out of bed in the night after midnight UK time. Offsetting the superstition, the John Lewis Partnership, which was founded by his relatives, reported excellent results yesterday, although... More

Blog for Thursday


Whatever Wall Street thinks is going on, the new highs for our exchanges is followed in the rest of the world by lower rates for our greenback.  Hot from the press, Nio, the US-listed China electric car maker, beat forecasts for its Q2 results on both sales and profits and moreover predicted both... More

Wednesday blog from London


Greetings from London where we will be getting a refrigerator on Friday. Luckily the weather is so cold that we are barely in need of a fridge. I am now in a position to again post blogs and today we have a lulu. $610 million in crypto currencies was nabbed yesterday by... More

Thursday file


Because we are flying off Thursday this file is attempting to catch up with news from after I filed yesterday. This material in incomplete.China walked back the attack on Tencent for peddling "spiritual opium" but don't cheer too soon. Beijing is still Maoist and favors communist control of business rather than capitalism. As reader... More

August 4th


Sometimes I think I need to change my name from Vivian Lewis to Cathie Cramer. It is very hard to avoid the impact of their moves on the stocks we also own. But sometimes we get in early.Today the Delta outbreak in more than a dozen countries led to higher priced shares in... More