Wednesday file

Today the US Cyber Security summit brought the tech giants to Washington. Pres. Biden, heartily condemned from Britain and Europe and even

South Korea for failing to secure the safety of Afghans who were linked to the west in the past two decades, has decided to change the subject which at least is worthy of his attention. Rather than making a deal with Putin who has allowed the Russian involvement in hacking and stealing on-line he is standing up against the Moscow regime. The infrastructure bill vote also my help the White House. But here in England the Biden failure to add time to the exit from Afghanistan is being condemned by Tories and Labour alike, very embarrassing for this liberal Republican who voted for him.

Harvey Katz, the guru in chief at Value Line for forecasts, has moderated his enthusiasm for US shares a bit, now saying the glass in only half full and stock market prices may be too elevated. He asks his readers to stay alert. The most popular US stock advisory is becoming more cautious. today reported on the rise of inflation there because of a higher price for household gas imposed last month. Editor Eduardo Garcia also reports on the hefty impact on his country's businesses from corruption and bureaucratic excess. And he still has time to help me get this blog to my readers. Gracias.

Taiwan Semiconductor reportedly is unable to meet the 2022 demand for N3 chips giving an edge to Intel and Samsung, writes seeking alpha. It confuses people by using the wrong ticker symbol for TSM, TSCM, which is the symbol for US-Israeli Tower Semiconductor.

In Barron's, Chris Lau tipped Astra Zeneca for its new product covid-19, not a vaccine but a treatment.

Orocobre in Oz today reported on its Argentina operations but I couldn't get access from London.

Bank of Nova Scotia was give a higher eps target for the current quarter, C$1.884 up from a prior forecast of C$1.86.

Taylor Dart today tipped Kirkland Lake Gold, KL, a long term pick of mine, also from up north.

Powerhedge in seeking alpha tipped Pembina Pipeline, another pick of mine. If I wait long enough I become part of the mainstream.

Today's big winners here in Europe included Tomra Systems, up 7.39%, and Computer Modelling up 8%.

Drug winners include Teva of Israel up another 0.75% and AUPH up 4.05%.

Multichoice of Africa is down 5.1%. Nokia is going to do radio access for Union Wireless, but I don't think that is the reason.

Canadian shares are gaining except for CAE which was downgraded by BofA-Merrill to underperform.

Today's blog is late because I had a medical emergency, having lost my hearing aid. Getting another one in this country is terrible expensive

because the price is set for the NHS, not visiting tourists. I found a gimcrack Chinese temporary one to use till I get back to the USA.

The kitchen is still not fixed because the brackets for the new fridge were wrongly sized and we await the right size to enable the use of the cabinets. But at least I now have cold just as London weather has turned warmer at last.

Remember to take Mexican revelations as important and to listen to Value Line when it stops beating the drum for equities uber alles.