What I am buying Friday

Unlike Kathie Woods I am not selling my drug stocks which are offering treatment for covid-19 using

monoclonal antibodies (Roche Holdings partner with Regeneron) and Astra Zeneca which is offering a bispecific antibody. Here in England there is a huge move to boost jabbed peoples immunity with booster shots. I think

the same thing will happen in the USA as well.  As I already own RHHBY I am buying more shares. It is not as excessively pricey as Regeneron, a one-track pony. 

Ms Woods is a front-runner in speculation, in my view. We are more like investors. 

My next idea is that UK supermarkets are in flux and after Morrisons Asda, owned by Walmart of the USA, and Tesco are also likely to see takeover attempts. Morrisons has been bought by a private consortium of investors after a bidding war. 

It took a few more days before the US share drop hit overseas but now the oil patch is particularly under pressure with brent at $66.13 per bbl and WTI at $63.45. I am interviewing a UK based oil trader who is a distant relative this afternoon to try to figure out what makes sense in oil because the Toyota panic may be overdone.

Being a contrarian I think Microsoft's price hikes will not produce higher profits because people will be less quick to sign up for its products which are discretionary.

Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure will beat the energy drop in my opinion. And I have hopes for a new bid from a rival for the Chicago Merc bid rom CBOE, which we own. 

Have a nice weekend. Vivian