Blog for Thursday

My husband fell and was hospitalized,, why the blogs ceased. he is now released by the NHS. US stocks fell as I anticipated buy European and British ones are buoyant.

Israeli Compugen and its backer Astra Zeneca are up on news that CGEN's bi-specific antigen TIGIT is moving to clinical trials in lung cancer. 

Chicago is getting bigger with CME bidding $16 mn in stocks for our holding in CBOE.

Miner BHP will end its UK listing and only trade directly in Oz.

BiolineRx earned minus 15 cents in the last quarter but its stem cell collection system for transplant in myeloma cancers which improves volume looks like a winner, called Motiafortide. It is also Israeli.

Views of NIO the Chinese carmaker are mixed as Beijing now is cracking down on corporate rich as part of its return to communism. It aims to sell cheaper electric cars in the mass market starting in the current quarter to be more leftish.

We will be spending a further week in London than originally planned because of my husband's illness and the delay in getting our new refrigerator after the old one was flooded. I am doing my best but these matters are more important than blogs