XYZ, Examine Your Zipper

Thu, 2017/07/13 - 12:22pm | Your editor
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The website which broke the news that European Union sanctions against supplying the breakaway Crimea were being violated by Siemens through its Russian subs did it again. Finding two suspicious 90-ft blue-tarp-covered tubular cargoes at the port of Feodorova, the German daily tried to find out what was in them. The reporter was told: “We cannot talk about this. You understand, sanctions, Siemens.”

Under EU rules it is left to member countries to enforce embargoes and the largest industrial group in Germany seems to have evaded any controls via its venerable and profitable Russian affiliates. Which leads me to wonder why Britain is so keen to escape EU rules by negotiating to Brexit.


Today your editor would like to ask a certain Frenchman working in Britain to unzip his trousers, which certainly doesn't sound like me. But it is all in the interest of stock market research, I assure you.

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