White and Black Swans

Mon, 2016/12/19 - 7:32am | Your editor
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An extraordinary sight in the middle of last night from the window of Mudchute Manor: three white swans sailed into the slip from the Thames. The night before a single swan and three cignets swam under our window. This you never get to see on the East River in Manhattan. I was disappointed that there was no black swan among them, and that there weren't seven swans a'swimming, I kick myself for not handaving woken my sleeping husband to see them.

I am not sure what is under the tidal water in the slip, which normally attracts lots of ducks, that leads birds to come in close to shore and within reach of the many brazen foxes who now live in London but it must be a dietary supplement.

Among the black swans possibly in play are: an electoral college vote less affirmative of Trump today after the Russian polling interference was made known and new considerations about Brexit with Scotland again wanting independence and a challenge from within the cabinet to continuing the move out of the EU. At this hour I cannot tell if either swan can swim.

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