Week Two

Tue, 2017/01/31 - 1:30pm | Your editor
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Week 2 of the Trump Administration saw a generalized stock market sell-off, globally, as the world realized that the White House is in over its over-combed head. My Monday blog did not go out because of alleged technical difficulties at our web hosts in Salt Lake City. Was there censorship at work? The Webmaster advises not doing anything unless it happens again. So here is a twofer.

How Trump can be trumped, via my proposed Constitutional mechanism, may not succeed without moderate Republicans. Congress should take the initialtive in legistlating for the USA, with members from both sides of the aisle calling hearings and listening to experts from the executive arm to generate new laws in areas which need reform: taxation, tariffs, immigration, energy regulation, foreign relations, healthcare, Guantanamo, torture, retirement, the Supremes and the judiciary, intelligence, and other areas where the White House should not be making policy without knowing how.

The main reason the Republicans in Congress aren't doing this is fear of Tea Party and Trumpist primary opponents next year because they are from districts which back Republicans and voted for Pres. Trump.


Information on how Russia is intervening against Angela Merkel on behalf of AfD is enlightening. The Kremlin spymasters played up a Bavarian teenager, Lisa, who claimed she had been abducted and raped by “southern” refugees. The girl, Lisa, was an ethnic German born in Russia whose family had been admitted to Germany, one of about 3 million Russian-speakers admitted during the Cold War. Meanwhile German police discovered that the child had invented the rape because of a bad notice from her school. She had hidden in a friend's house. This didn't stop the Putin machine from exploiting l'affaire Lisa to attack Merkel's support for refugee asylum, and her support for sanctions against Russian soldiers fighting for Ukrainian breakup and Putin snatching Yalta. Russian cyber spies also allegedly hacked the Bundestag (Congressional) website removing sensitive data.


Calling it the Year of the Rooster appears to be a misnomer. In fact it is the Year of the Chicken—which doesn't sound as good for stock markets—according to my Ob-Gyn (of Chinese heritage). My favorite “chicken” play is discussed below along with news from Australia, Germany, Britain, India, Ireland, Israel, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Denmark, Switzerland, the Dutch Antilles, Canada, Ireland, Panama, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Japan, and a few other places. This issue is a twofer.

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