UK Election Day

Thu, 2017/06/08 - 2:28pm | Your editor
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It is way too early to talk about the UK election results, or what the Fed will do, so here is some local color. Ladbrokes, a local bookie, is offering new punters 20 to 1 odds on a Theresa May victory but you will collect not in cash, but in future bets. You can also order a victory hamper with champagne and rosettes of the appropriate color (red for Labour; blue of Tories) and if your constituency votes right it will be delivered and billed. If your fave loses they just cancel.

We went to the Old Vic last night with my in-laws to see Woyzeck starring John Boyega, an Afro-Brit whose actor career began with their son, Joe Cornish, who hired Boyega to play Moses in his cult sci-fi film, Attack the Block. Joe also taught John, a vicar's son from a London suburb, how to audition and how to handle direction. Now John is a Star Wars star, but he is almost family for us.

Apart from the acting, which was terrific, this was a terrible Woyzeck, set in Berlin during the Cold War, and full of modern quirks like a hatred for drug trials and soap powder, and a plea for working class solidarity and anti-war agita.

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