A Truly Terrible Thursday

Thu, 2017/08/03 - 12:55pm | Your editor
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It's another one of those busy Thursdays with too many companies reporting for comfortable coverage. Before getting into the nitty-gritty, let me comment that I have formally applied for a “global investing” separate account from Schwab and will let you all know how it goes. I also told the firm's meeters and greeters that failing to look over the nature of my holdings before giving me a supposed 500 free trades which weren't free at all is a PR disaster for the firm.

This morning I was called by a man from Schwab assigned to tell me the 500 free trades would not apply to foreign securities which I already knew was the case, and then telling me they would cost $34.95, which I believed was not the case. He had no idea I had applied for a Schwab Global Trading account, and said it had not been turned down when I said I would have to leave Schwab if that was the case. Another PR disaster for the firm.

We have a new buy and a new average down pick today plus news from Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Colombia, Switzerland, and China.

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