Treason, Gunpowder, and Plot

Wed, 2017/03/22 - 12:05pm | Your editor
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Guy Fawkes who attacked the Mother of Parliaments in the 17th century has been topped today as what appear to have been Islamist terrorists used a car laden with explosives and guns to kill people in the Westminster area in London.

My Internet problems seem rather trivial in comparison. But they are keeping us from checking in with our family in Britain without having to telephone.

Meanwhile another attack by hackers has taken down the distribution system to subscribers to the Financial Times in New York City, a key market for the pink paper. Its distributor today gave every deliver subscriber in Manhattan and Brooklyn a copy of The New York Times rather than the FT. The is also hurting our local newspapeer because it runs short of copies and has to print more which costs money. Meanwhile the FT has to extend subscriptions which is costly.

Moreover my telephone lines which are with a different phone company were supposed to be switched (without my knowledge) to Verizon. This used to happen to my late mother all the time without her doing anything. So being completely paranoid by now I think that is also the work of the hackers. I used my cellphone to record the messages coming from the hackers who were trying to get me to call them and no doubt further hurt my ability to function.

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