On Toys and Treats

Tue, 2017/09/19 - 1:39pm | Your editor
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When my grandchildren were younger a top feature of their visits was to take them to Toys R Us near Times Square, where the very exciting flagship store was located, full of clowns and free adventures. The payback for the company was that the kids clamored for presents which their indulgent grandma bought, at least when they were suitable or affordable and not too fragile or faddish.

Now a decade later with three grandchildren certified as superior teenagers, two of them learning how to (uh oh) drive, and the other two making rapid progress toward the pattern of sleeplessness and arrogance and Bar Mitzvoth required, the shop is no longer a destination when they visit.

We also did the same thing when they came to London, hitting Hamley's on Regent Street, a much older toy emporium which survives. The thing I remember most vividly from there is the total panic with which our eldest grandchild, then 5, reacted to the stuffing machine at the Build A Bear stand in the store.
The bankruptcy of Toys R Us is also poignant for a victim of its selling formula. You visit an internet toy vendor solo without having to deal with the demands of the recipient kiddies. Amazon strikes again.


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