They Shoot Horses

Mon, 2013/02/25 - 12:48pm | Your editor
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I prefer riding horses to eating them. I prefer patting dogs to eating them. Now it turns out that I have eaten horse twice. The first time was when I was at university. I was taken to the Harvard Faculty Club by an astronomy section man, Rick, who ordered the most exotic food on its menu then, horse steak. (They subsequently removed it.) While this Radcliffe undergraduate refused to order horse herself she did taste Rick's steak. It was tender enough and slightly sweet.

That was the posh steed. Then there was the common one. Last year in London we visited the Ikea shop near Wembley Stadium to shop and had a tradional Ikea Swedish meatball lunch. It turns out that the meatballs included beef, pork, and probably horse.

As for dogs, the first time I visited Guangzhou over 20 years ago, my guide took me to the municipal market. There I saw cute wrinkled-skin puppies waiting to be slaughtered. For the rest of my China journey, I ate only at Buddhist vegetarian restaurants.


Gold rebounded today because it was oversold, because Italy may have a hung parliament, and because of the specter of the sequester. UBS prediced that the Fed will continue its loose policies for the rest of this year and that gold will rally sharply as a result. Swiss banks are experts on gold.


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