Sun, 2017/02/05 - 11:28am | Your editor
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Your editor got an extraordinary offer from a UK website, a chance to win an award as a top quality newsletter by paying a mere £4000 for the “honour”. does land a few real kudos, most recently from The Investor's Digest of Canada (a publication of MPL Communications of Toronto) and Wall Streets Best Income Stocks (a blog from Cabot Corp. of Massachusetts). Both came as a result ofour stock picks doing well in 2016. We do not pay for praise. The best praise of all comes from happy subscribers whose letters are posted under “kudos” on the website. My newsletter is a hobby for me and I just closed the accounts for 2016 showing that my company lost a small amount of money last year. I wouldn't go on but for the fact that I make money with my stock picking, alongside my readers. Without them I would not have the access I need to get analysts and companies to talk to me.


Today we had good macro-economic news in the US and Europe. US unemployment fell to 246 mn, nicely below forecasts. Non-agricultural production beat forecasts rising by 1.3% in Q4. These numbers came before Donald Trump did anything. In Europe producer prices rose 0.7% in Dec, higher than expected.


And the European Commssion set new sanctions on Iran for its missile test last week—under the terms of the treaty which the US now threatens to tear up. We have a company which reported after the close yesterday and news from the Dutch Antilles, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Bermuda, Finland, Britain, Germany, Japan, India, and a few other places around the world. Readers may have noticed that of late I am writing more about daily stock price movements. This results from a different presentation at E-trade, my brokerage, about which I am not altogether pleased. While it wants to generate lots of day-trading which pays off for your broker, we are really buy and hold types.

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