Talk Markets Update

Wed, 2017/11/15 - 7:35pm | Your editor
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Before I head out for the investor day of Fibra Uno, here is a message from Boaz Berkowitz of where my newsletter will be the guinea pig for a new service: subscription fulfillment. This by the techies at talkmarkets led by a Florida chief technology officer born in the country the UN calls FYROM, Macedonia for the rest of us, and a Skopje-based webmistress named Tanja. Our former webmaster Andrew is now working full-time for the university in Newfoundland where he lives, why I agreed to help Talkmarkets move into website management.

Here is Boaz Berkowitz's latest update from central Israel. I helped fund the TalkMarkets startup in my own small way and am making another investment this month. He writes:

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