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Mon, 2017/09/18 - 2:37pm | Your editor
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My headline is a triple entendre for paid subscribers. I cannot resist a pun.

Greetings from Calcutta-on-Hudson. Today is the day the 2nd team from Verizon is expected to come and relink our land lines. We have another promise for Wednesday. But the odds seem high that the new Jewish year of 5778 will begin (Wednesday night) before our lines are restored after a sewer fire.

One of the annoying side-effects of this mess is that my ability to get into my brokerage account is limited because apparently my voice doesn't sound the same with the cellphone as with the landline, so it cannot act as my (haha) password.

That doesn't mean the stupid system at Charles Schwab is not also responsible for the lack of linkage, because of course I know my eldest child's middle name and my password, as I am descended from a famous Schwabian rabbi. My password  I changed last night when I finally could get through to a Schwabian human being rather than being subject to a repetitive recording of the stock market news—of last Friday!

I only learned from Jack last night that I couldn't re-set my password to an earlier one, because at the Schwab Park Avenue office I was not told. I was also not told that I was supposed to add the number code from my Symantec device after the password, rather than in a separate box as I had leanred less than two months ago when I opened my account. As is often the case the folks from customer service are not informed by the technology guys about rule changes. Clients are on their own if the techies are left to make rules without oversight.

Anyway, I wrongly blamed Equifax's for my woes on Sunday in a headline. It wasn't them. It was VZ and SCHH. Which does not mean I am going out to buy EFX stock as one writer suggested on seekingalpha.com this morning. All the bad news has not yet hit the fan there. And I sold half my Verizon because I suspect their failure to repair our landlines is to force us to switch from copper to fiberoptic (as a building, not individually) or to boost our use of our cellphones (also from VZ) even when not on the move.


*The problem with Team Trump is that they are ill-informed. A NY Times article reports that in the meeting of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi Trump had them briefed by the White House cabinet secretary, John Kelly Kelly kept suggesting that a border wall is needed because Mexico faces the collapse of its security and policies. Kelly, Trump's former security secretary who has been promoted, claimed there is a parallel with Venezuela's formerly populist Maduro government if Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador wins the next election south of the border. He thinks the Great Wall of the Rio Grande is needed to stop more immigrants getting across and bearing new “dreamers.” Chinese food was served.


Now that I can see my account I note that strong gains are showing from shares from the Argentina, Australia, the UK, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, India, and Israel (plus the USA). The US stock is AT&T which was tipped today by Ben Reynolds on the moneyshow.com website, a fave of seekers of free advice.  Reynolds is a very young men with a beard to make him look more serious who owns and edits free monthly blog Sure Dividends, aimed at seniors. There is other news from Brazil, Hong Kong, South Africa, Ireland, and Switzerland, and a few other places which also are homes of declining shares.

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