Tables Updated

Sun, 2018/01/21 - 3:45pm | Your editor
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Because of the problem getting data at the end of the year I saved myself the aggravation of producing performance tables since Dec. 31. Today I resumed posting tables, although some information on distributions and dividends is still incomplete.

You can view the tables you are allowed to see at Closed positions are for everyone while the current recommendations are only for paid subscribers. Join them to join in the profits.

Our portfolios are up substantially year to date mainly because of the limping Greenback, held back by the government shut-in and the Trump deficit plus worries about inflation and/or rate increases. As a matter of principal we do not hedge currencies, aiming to get the benefit of diversity with our portfolios. This is working out in 2018 so far.

Barron's now forces you to visit its website to read the full roundtable advisors' remarks, which is annoying. More for paid subscribers follows.

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