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Tue, 2017/04/04 - 5:25pm | Your editor
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My computer has now crashed completely under a renewed attack by the Supremo virus (part of the stuff the hacker put on my laptop.) It will be ready only on Thursday, but in the interim I can work on my house computer, which only inconveniences my husband who has to put up with me.

The tables are up, with a proper accounting of the stock and bond positions at the close of the first quarter visible to paid subscribers only. The closed positions table is almost current, with only one trade left out because I could not get into my records.

Worst is the funds and ETFs section because I did not want to take over my spouse's connection to the universe at large by looking up net asset values for them. Instead I am taking a leaf from Barrons' which published prior week NAV figures. The quarter's performance doesn't depend on them but on the trading prices which I did input. More for paid subscribers below the break.

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