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Sun, 2012/12/23 - 4:53pm | Your editor
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Greetings from very wet England where Christmas is being restrained by financial problems. The shops have begun sales early to pay the rent which is due tomorrow on annual leases, and because London Transport workers plan a strike for Dec. 26, Boxing Day, the normal start of the sales.

So far all I have bought was a new converter plug for my notebook computers as the old one, from Brookstone, has gone bad, along with Brookstone itself. We did spend some money otherwise, going to the Queen´s Gallery in Buckingham Palace to view the Northern European Renaissance art which was absolutely splendid (Thank you, Ma'am even if you did charge admission) and then today to the theater to see Salad Days, a relic of the past.

With my new plug I did the tables today. You can view them on the website. Use the printer-friendly button to make the spreadsheets more readable. You can view our closed positions before you subscribe to see our track record. Only current subscribers get to see the positions we still hold because that is how we make money for our paying customers.

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