Sunday Update

Sun, 2017/02/19 - 1:40pm | Your editor
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Having a long weekend ahead (Monday will be spent with family) I decided to improve our tables by seeking out obscure net asset value data first for US-listed funds (increasingly poorly covered by Barron's because unlike open-end and exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds tend not to buy ads.) But once on the hunt, I also found net asset value data for our oddball funds: REITs investing in India, Europe, and Mexico; British investment trusts; and a pair of Nordic holding companies. Note that some of the NAV data is dated, back to the close of 2016 or of January. So don't take action based only on the discount--or a premium.

More for paid subscribers follows from the stock and bond side of the portfolio including hot news which would otherwise have been written up on Monday, from Israel, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Britain and Germany. Non-subscribers can tomorrow read Friday's edition at

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