Sunday Tables Posted (with fewer controversial remarks)

Sun, 2017/10/08 - 12:12pm | Your editor
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I have just posted the performance tables at where you can view the ones you are qualified to open: the closed positions table is open to anyone but only paid subscribers may view our current positions in stocks, bonds, closed-end funds, and exchange-traded funds. Join them by subscribing so you can make money with our research.

The US bond market will be closed tomorrow for [gasp] Columbus Day which my city's mayor is boycotting despite re-naming himself de Blasio. Markets will be closed in Japan, South Korea, and Canada tomorrow.

Tel Aviv will be closed the 11th and 12th for more waving of palms and dining in booths, while Brazil and Spain will be closed the 12th only. The 12th is when the telephone lines are due to be repaired in the building housing my home and office, in theory in time for me to get to the Yizkhor Memorial Service at Central Synagogue, but their sense of timing is pretty weak. And there just may be another delay. 

More for paid subscribers follows:

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