Sunday Tables Posted

Sun, 2017/09/10 - 3:02pm | Your editor
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To all my readers in Houston and around Florida my thoughts and prayers are with you. My only problems are that a sewer fire took down our telephone lines--but we still have cellphones.

I just posted the Sunday tables at which may be viewed on our site. Everyone gets to see the closed-positions table but only current subscribers may view our current holdings of stocks and bonds, closed-end and exchange-traded funds, and our current advice. The internet was also verrryy slloow.

There is need for a footnote for the public table, which only shows part of the proceeds from the sale of Stada Artzneimittel paid by Cinven of Britain and Bain Capital of the US so far. Because of a hold-up by Elliott Mgm.' Paul Singer, our buyer funds had to pay 8 euros 40 cents more per share to get control of the company, and under German law we have to get that sum as well along with a promised final dividend from STADF. I have a confirmation from my broker that this is coming, but not yet how much it will be in US$s on the day it hits.

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