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Sun, 2016/12/11 - 12:51pm | Your editor
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Because of the holiday schedule and my planned family junket to Britain, the performance tables posted today at are the last regular ones for 2016. I will do a year end summary for paid subscribers for the calendar year on New Year's Day. The closed-positions tables may be viewed by pre-subscribers but only the fully paid members get to see our current positions and advice.

More to paid subscribers follows:

It was a good week for globalists as foreign markets played catch-up with the Trumpland bullishness. So a lot of our laggard stocks are now in the black again.

Not all news was good. Our portfolio was zapped by the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commish opting to ban the construction of Jordan Cove, a gas consolidation and liquefaction plant planned for Oregon by Veresen of Canada, FCGYF here and VSN up north. This is astonishing and the company will reapply and may do better under a driller-friendly Republican Administration. However there are costs associated with the delay.

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