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Sun, 2017/07/30 - 2:09pm | Your editor
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I just posted the performance tables at, with difficulty, as my new brokerage account doesn't display things the same way as my old one did. Paid subscribers should see the normal three tables, covering stocks and bonds; exchange-traded and closed-end funds; and gains and losses.

Pre-subscribers only get to see the last one. Sometimes I get lucky. I sold our Pakistan Fund, PAK, early this year because of changes in my contacts in the country and because my favorite London seller of Pakistani clothing went out of business. I sold because I feared I would not be informed of things on a timely basis but I had no idea that the president had looted the country to buy posh flats in Mayfair and would be removed from office by the country's Supreme Court.

I also got lucky with another stock sold earlier, Imperial Brands, a UK tobacco peddler, because I came to realize that its vape business was very marginal and its profits are generated by selling tobacco cigarettes which kill smoking-addicts.

I try to be an ethical investor as well as an ethical person, which is why I also sold out of my former Alcoa stake when the successor company pretended it had had no role in the mis-selling of cladding to the operators of the council tower blocks (project high-rise buildings) in Chelsea & Westminister, London. They had plastic between the layers of aluminum which caught fire and killed at least 80 tenants. I sold as soon as I got back control of my account when it transferred to Schwab from Fidelity last week. While I am no puritan I do feel that some companies behave so badly that I do not want to own their stocks.

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