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Sun, 2017/09/24 - 1:47pm | Your editor
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Another earthquake, magnitude 5.9, struck off the west coast in Tonala, Chiapas State, an area near the Guatemala border subject to earthquakes and hurricanes. It is also Mexico's poorest region, with a large Mayan population, visited last year by Pope Francis. It also was where the Zapatista uprising of 1994 began.

As is my practice, today I posted updated tables at but once again there was a problem. The weekly closed-end fund tables and the 13D filings pages in my copy of Barron's delivered to my home Saturday were both greyed out with ink from the printer and were mostly unreadable, requiring that I go online to individual fund sites to find the net asset values we report. Also I got two copies of the innards of the Sunday NY Times and no copy of the Financial Times. As the FT is printed on pink paper it doesn't look like the NY Times so even if the delivery men are illiterate (as I suspect they are) they also appear to be colorblind. Delivery of Barron's is by a different company.

Then just to add to my frustration the brokerage I use, Schwab, again blocked my access because it doesn't have my eldest child's correct middle name. Using a cellphone your voice is not your password because it doesn't sound the same as on a land-line.

I think it is becoming harder to deal with routine work lately. I wonder how many of you would feel I was slacking if I only prepared performance tables monthly?

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