Sunday Tables

Sun, 2017/07/16 - 2:23pm | Your editor
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Today we broke our routine and had lunch at a new South Indian thali joint which opened near here. It was better than the one we used to go to in New Delhi. I did my tables this morning but now am writing things up.

The main news is that with the dollar depreciating, almost every foreign stock is up, above all Canada and Mexico ones, because their interest rates are also going up like ours. And whatever their political risks are, they seem less threatening to markets than the perils of Donald Junior Trump.

Which is not to say that stock picking has no role to play. Today seven of our single stock picks are up in triple digits, along with a closed-end fund and an exchange-traded one, plus two real estate investment trusts, one for India. The REITs are not up based on their initial purchase prices but based on it plus their distributed profits.

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