Sunday Duty

Sun, 2017/02/26 - 2:14pm | Your editor
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I just posted the tables on, as I do every Sunday. We have a new problem explained to paid subscribers belows, but meanwhile you can look at the charts showing our performance. Everyone can look at the closed positions but only paid subscribers get to see our current stock, bond, and fund picks. To view the spreadsheets more easily, use the "print" button even if you don't intend to print the tables.


Barron's while becoming less politically impossible about the Trump stock market rally, has seriously reduced its usefulness as a source of stock performance. While the weekly repeatedly tells us that closed-end funds are a great way to buy cheaply portfolios of stocks, and to intelligently buy bonds, there are no advertisements from the CEF companies. So here is what is happening:

1) The print size of the closed end fund data has been reduced to squint size and even with my reading glasses on I need to use a magnifying glass (provided by Value Line, for which thanks.

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