Sunday Duty

Sun, 2017/01/22 - 2:09pm | Your editor
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I have just posted my tables for subscribers and pre-subscribers showing our latest positions and trades. To view the ones you are allowed to see please visit and sign in using your password. If you have forgotten your password in theory you can get a new one by asking for a reset to be sent to your email address of record, but this doesn't always work. Andrew the webmaster is working on this on behalf of Prof CP who has had a series of log in problems.

Viewing tables is easiest if you use the print button, particularly if you are on a smartphone or small laptop, even if you don't want to print. More for paid subscribers follows:

Your editor has been a faithful weekend reader of Barron's since before she started her newsletter, and while the "Roundtable" is always a good read she tends to discount its investment advice. But in the Trump Era I have noticed something new in the contribution from the seven knights (and two dames, Meryl Widmer and Abby Joseph Cohen). Trying to predict what's ahead for the markets the pundits have gone more global than is their wont this year.

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