The Stock Magic Is Going

Tue, 2017/11/14 - 2:18pm | Your editor
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China issued data showing that growth is slowing, which had an impact on raw materials prices. It is also tightening credit to cut risks to its economy.

It turns out that the volume of on-line sales during China's singles day—11/11—this year was up 48% from 2016. It his the equivalent of $38.1 bn, beating all other shopping days in the world, again, like Thanksgiving Friday. The news failed to boost Chinese internet stocks further in US markets.  Money doesn't buy access. A study found that China's netizens have the least access to news and information of web users in the world's major markets.

Venezuela, owing much money to Beijing, is now definitely in default, writes Standard & Poor's.

Apologies to Abhimanyu in India over my failure to buy back  Nintendo of Japan, NTDOY, not in his coverage area. Even apart from the Japanese game group's “Switch” which Abhi found desperately desireable, NTDOY has now revived its Super-Mario of yore for the movies. Comcast's Unversal Pictures will fund an animated Super Mario Bros movie about the plumbers, according to Dow Jones today. I own CMCSA stock but hating to buy back shares we sold in the past, I didn't spring for NTDOY.

And if that were not bad enough I am a big holder of GE. And despite my best effort, TJ Maxx (TJX) is losing sales volumes.

The euro is up to $1.177 so all is not lost in a global portfolio, however.

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