Sorry I Am Late

Sun, 2017/08/20 - 4:06pm | Your editor
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My new desktop computer delivered Friday last night got updated by Windows 10 and the network diagnostics blue box has been running acorss the screen detecting problems for about 7 hours. Bill Gates' charitable giving is of course remarkable but it would be better still if Windows were not blocking my access to the Internet with Time Warner cable. I managed to get the laptop up and running at last but the new desktop is simply inoperable. Calling Dell (the alleged maker) resulted in a rude man telling me the defect was with my cable company--except I was able to get the older laptop to log on so I wasn't the cable connection. Now that I have managed to produce my tables in extremis I will start by calling the cable guys and then Microsoft, and then Dell. It is a great way to spend the day.

I did take a break for Chinese food at lunch with my husband. Now while I phone I am singing "l'assassin du dimanche" as Yves Montand used to do.


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