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Thu, 2017/03/09 - 1:58pm | Your editor
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I resolved my issue with Windows 10 going into white writing on black screen. It has been a persistent problem with the system at least since Windows XP. But since monopolies are inflexible, no action was taken except to post a vast set of instructions involving start modes for different operating systems. Although I had upgraded to windows 10, not happily, my laptop had been set up inWindows 8. In a normal world it is almost unimaginable that this lurking danger was not addressed clearly or prevented in the first place.

The main elevator in this building went down for the 6th time in 2017 and the service elevator was not manned, creating a security breach. Anyone who got past the door could go wherever destination he wanted to rather than the one given on entering the building. This breach could have been prevented by common sense.

I tried to adapt these insights to investing matters. I thought about the Snapchat ipo which, while was aggressively priced, drew a strong following, and then short sellers, and then another smaller following. These moves were generated by bellwethers leading the sheep to slaughter, mostly on-line alt news investment advice outfits. Herd mentality led to crowded trades costly to those led to them.

Some longs become shorts after planted, manipulative, misleading data. Today the hot news is that oil prices are back below $50 per barrel in US markets because of a glut of crude. US crude inventories surged by 8.2 mn bbls to a new record of 528.5 mn bbls at the end of last week. West Texas Intermediate fell to $49.2 at the crack of dawn today after falling 5.4% yesterday.

When supply of a major commodity suddenly turns you wonder if it could not have resulted from maniplulation. Gasoline stocks have hit a 27 year high.

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