Sh-tdown to End

Mon, 2018/01/22 - 1:50pm | Your editor
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2018 is shaping up to become another year during which our selected small caps get cashed out by takeover bids. We had only one such takeover in 2017, of Stada Artzneimittel, a German generic drug producer, by a hedge fund pair which still owe us money because the final price paid to German shareholders significantly topped what was paid to owners of its American Depositary Receipts. We also gained from two mergers, which revalued our holdings in two stocks.

Back before the Global Financial Crisis (2007-9), we got bought out of holdings regularly at huge premiums.

As of today there have been two buyouts in our portfolio. Because they have not yet closed I am continuing this write-up for paid subscribers only.


*Amazon cancelled its collection of “Prime” membership after I sent the firm a copy of Friday's blog. It shouldn't be necessary to go public with disputes in order to settle automatic sign-ups to a sneaky system of collecting payments headlined as a “free trial.” The message about the “non-renewal” was headed “Don't forget to smile!”


News today from Bermuda, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, Dutch Antilles, France, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Sweden, Switzerland, and the USA where the sh-tdown is being ended.

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