The Seventh Swan

Thu, 2016/12/29 - 10:49am | Your editor
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The palship of Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump may be short-lived as the Israeli PM is under investigation by the country's Ministry of Justice for accepting bribes. This was reported by the local Channel Two News, and picked up by other publications worldwide. The alleged offense was over a sale of submarines by Thyssen-Krupp of Germany.

Iran meanwhile is nailing down its support both in the US, where it just signed a contract to buy 80 Boeing aircraft, and in Europe where it is negotiating to buy 100 Airbus planes. Both firms will lobby against tearing up the nuclear deal with Iran.


As for the Russian Black Sea crash which killed the prime team of the Red Army Chorus en route to Syria to entertain the troops, my husband says the Tupelov is a very dangerous aircraft and no longer used by even Russian civil aviation, only for the military. Having found the Black Box, chief Russian investigator Sergei Baintov says that the crash was the result of engine failure but “an explosion cannot be ruled out with certainty.”


Another Syrian ceasefire has been agreed, and I hope it will hold better than the prior ones.


A Seventh Swan swam in under the window last night at my bedtime so I have received one full package of goodies for the 12 Days of Christmas. The night which followed was very frostly and going out to buy the newspapers this morning so I had to walk on the road rather than the slippery sidewalk. At last the Clean Team had reached our area, and the dustmen were clearing up the accumulated Christmas garbage.


As promised, paid subscribers get two more recommendations for 2017 today in addition to the two published earlier this week for a fund and a stock. We have news from Brazil, Britain, Germany, and Denmark, Israel, Canada and Sweden. I will file tomorrow only if there is something to report European time, because markets are shutting down early for the New Year weekend.

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