A Sergeant Writes

Fri, 2017/02/24 - 2:27pm | Your editor
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I'm the canary in the coal mine. Yesterday my brokerage account access went down. Today the whole customer base lost access to e-trade accounts. This came less than a day after I published a special report for my paid subscribers about cyber-insurance. It is free to subscribers.

Some readers wrote about my Truman-Trump comparison yesterday. FN, of Long Island, himself a veteran (having made it to sergeant), noted that Truman served in the First World War despite being exempt because he was a farmer.

FN writes: “He volunteered. Starting out a private in the Missouri National Guard, he was elected by the members of his unit to be granted a commission. Election of officers apparently ceased before World War II. What is especially significant is that this was the first election Harry Truman ever won, from fellow soldiers who trained with him, ate with him, used the latrine with him. They picked him as their leader." It does make TRUMp look bad in comparison.


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