September Is On

Sun, 2017/09/03 - 11:51am | Your editor
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The tables have just been posted at

We are showing the closing prices on stocks as of August 31 rather than the following day but because of data issues I could not do the same for exchange-traded and closed-end funds, and in fact there are many gaps because of the long weekend.

We have a new buy recommendation for paid subscribers for next Tuesday posted today. Join them to follow our current picks and make money.

I can confirm that Tom Herzfeld is in the process of creating a new Cuba Fund but have no idea how it will be structured. Tom, a Florida-based expert on closed-end funds already tried once before to do this, but was frustrated by the embargo. I have no recommendation at this time because all I know is that he told the SEC of his plans--not the rest of the world.

I'm off to a Chinese lunch as is my usual practice on Sunday. And tomorrow I will lie in. I actually went into labor on Labor Day nearly a half century ago. The obstetrician was on the golf course because he figured the baby would take longer, but I knew any child of mine would like a pun. The toubib came back from Normandy to try to collect his fee but our baby was born near Paris before he made it to the clinic.

The Jewish holidays this year will result in only one day when I will not be filing, because Yom Kippur falls on a Saturday. It cannot all on a Friday or Sunday so the rabbis cheat and make it fall on the Jewish Sabbath if there is a treat of that.

An important coincidence in 2017 is that the lunar New Year will be shared this time around by Jews and Muslims. That doesn't happen often. The Islamic year is shorter than the solar year because unlike the ancient Hebrews, the Prophet Mohammed did not accept the Babylonian invention of leap months to make up the difference. In the Arab heartland, the fact that in many years the pilgrimage takes place during the hottest month in Arabia makes Islam a tough religion to follow.

Also the sighting of the New Moon is not adjustable in Islam, as it is in Judaism to avoid having to prepare or recover from a fast on a Sabbath.

I think along with defining Jihad better, and stressing that murder is murder, the ulemas should correct the Muslim calendar, as indeed the Christian world did in the 18th century with, except for a few Russian Old Believers, worked out fine.

They should do this in Whitby in eastern England.

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