Season on Non-Santa Suits, re-sent

Thu, 2016/12/22 - 9:43am | Your editor
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Mozilla decided to upgrade my computer in what it thought, being in the USA, was the middle of the night. It also sent me a haiku. However, this screwed up the sending of today's emailed blog, which is now being re-sent with a very important royal correction.

Druids of the 21st century gathered at Stonehenge yesterday, with their watches or smartphones, to fete the first day of winter with total accuracy unavailable to their celtic forebears. Meanwhile Her Majesty the Queen, 90, will not take the train to Norfolk for Christmas, as is a tradition for the royals here, because both she and Prince Philip, 95, have bad colds. Instead of going to Sandringham in the country they wre initially going to have their their Christmas at Buckingham Palace where the central heating is better.

After the ISIS attack on the Berlin Christmas Market, the royals will also be beefing up their security in London, because of course it would only take one terrorist suicide bomber to wipe out the whole lot of them. Then the royal couple changed their plans on Friday afternoon and embarked on a helicopter journey to Norfolk. This was reported wrongly in our earlier blog which didn't go out correctly. It is very important to properly report on the Queen as my eldest granddaughter is keen on the monarch's movements.

Unlike Mexico City, London does not have a fireworks market, nor any tradition of blowing things up at Christmastide. They get in out of their systems at Guy Fawkes Night which celebrates the defeat of the Gunpowder Plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament and depose the Her Majesty's Protestant ancestors.

Meanwhile in the former Raj, the dirt is flying around the government, no longer confined to the Tata conglomerate. Congress Party head Rahul Gandhi (of that ilk) accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of accepting 400 mn rupees (~$6 million) from the Sahara conglomerate when he was chief minister of Gujarat and demanded an independent inquiry. Modi’s BJP immediately dismissed the allegation as a sign of opposition desperation.

Meanwhiel the idiotic withdrawal of currency notes by the Modi govt to try to crack down on “black money” has poisoned the air enough so that the key laws to create a national goods and services tax to replace a hodge-podge of wasteful state levies has become derailed by politics. It is now unlikely that the GST law will be passed by the April 2017 deadline. This reduces further the hopes of good growth for India next year.

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