Scary October

Mon, 2017/10/02 - 3:07pm | Your editor
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October is supposed to be a month of terror, because of Hallowe'en. More than pumpkins and masks, spiders and witches, broomsticks and black cats are scaring me now. The largest ever death toll from a shooting spree by Americans against other Americans took place at a country music concert in Las Vegas. The number of dead is now  58 and there are hundreds of wounded. The attack was claimed by IS but the shooter was an elderly US gambling addict.

What happens in Las Vegas should not stay in Las Vegas. The city is a tourist Mecca not only for Americans who support laws allowing “carry” for guns. I have gone to Las Vegas for everything from the wedding of a visibly pregnant British first cousin once removed to a book publishing by a German Jewish survivor from my mother's home town, from stock market investing confabs to visits to the Grand Canyon. In case you are wondering, I support the New York City ban on guns

Imagine what mayhem could have hit Catalonia if Catalans could legally own guns. In Europe, there is effective gun control which hampers the loony fringe of terrorists who have to use cars, swords, and knives to kill people. My first business partner, whom I later bought out, Bill Bonner, supports both Catalan independence (because his sister-in-law married a Catalan nationalist) and a supposed constitutional right to bear arms with little limit.


Your editor will be testing Norwegian Air Shuttle as a way to fly to London for the Christmas holiday, dragging her very large husband along with her to test the upstart airline which should be gaining from the latest move by Ryanair to diss its customers by canceling lots of flights. Like RYAAY NAS, now listed mainly in Oslo, charges for everything: baggage, seat reservation, meals. The stock is NWARF on the pinks. I will decide if it is worth buying after our trip. An alternative is EZ Jet which only flies in the European air space. The place where airlines make money is across the Atlantic. We are flying from JFK direct to Gatwick, a bit inconvenient but nothing as bad as Heathrow.


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