Russian Stock Tip

Mon, 2018/01/29 - 2:06pm | Your editor
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The tables which were mislabeled yesterday have been corrected. Thanks to readers who spotted my error.

Today a Russian blogger sent me infomration about an unknown OTC stock called Stargaze Entertainment Group, STGZ. Thank you to Stephanie Henkel for the tip. No, I will not follow up. And if you heard about STGZ as a profit opportunity too, from an unknown source, you have been warned. This is a scam. STGZ is not an amazing company. Free information on stocks from promoters is spam. We have a tip ourselves in today's issue.


The Guardian today published the result of a UK poll on whether there should be a second referendum on British exit from the European Union once the terms are known. While 47% of Britons want a revote, 34% of them are opposed. More importantly, by a narrow margin, most UK votes told the Politico pollsters that they would vote to remain in the EU rather than for Brexit.


There is plenty of news today so I will resist the temptation to hold forth about Russians on the web. More today from Switzerland, France, Belgium, the US, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Bermuda, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, Chile, Canada, Finland, and Britain. We also have a new stock pick from Martin Ferera up north and news of lots of deals.

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