Russia vs Merkel, US vs Canada and Mexico

Tue, 2017/01/24 - 2:46pm | Your editor
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DPA, a German press agency, reports today that a Brussels European Union Working Group concluded that the leading Kremlin disinformation target is German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This is because she is holding out for sanctions against Russia over the eastern Ukraine and Yalta snatch. She is the European leader about whom the most false news is promoted in Russian media, claiming she was complicit in the murderous Islamist attacks on Berlin, Brussels, and Paris.

This anti-Merkel “Big Lie” was promoted in 2500 misinformation notes traced to Russian sources since Sept. 2015.

Our new US president's persistent false-news statements, like his nonsensical claim that 3 to 5 million illegal non-American voters accounted for Hillary Clinton's popular vote majority, is of a piece with the Putin attacks on the legitimacy of the Berlin government. Raising questions about the US or German electoral process helps Russia support its government of corrupt and murderous KGB agents.

As a journalist, I urge writers both on-line and in print to fight US misinformation by exposing liars who form the worst Washington swamp of all. Pres. Trump needs to listen to our CIA and realize that Putin is not our potential pal.Islamist and Russian violence is a legitimate reason for working with Germany and Nato countries. He must be held to the standards of truth of a free press, and not allowed to tweet or state falsehoods.

We have news today from Canada, Mexico, Pakistan, Britain, Germany, Finland, Israel, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Hong Kong, and South Africa. We also have some buys and sells.

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