Resetting the Russian Relationship?

Fri, 2017/07/07 - 1:41pm | Your editor
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Today Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Donald J. Trump managed to shake hands and greet each other without insults and shows of strength as applied when our president met his Australian and French counterparts. For the sake of world peace I hope that the re-set of US relations with Russia is not harmed because of Russia's likely interference in the US polling. Trump said it was “an honor to be with you” and Putin replied “delighted to meet you.” Then they went off privately.

A recollection from my youth hangs over the Russian-American summit today, the meeting of the younger US President, John F. Kennedy with Nikita Khrushchev back in the 1960s, where the US chief was outclassed by the experienced if vulgar Russian. This time we have the vulgar chief but of course he is also inexperienced in power plays compared to Putin.

For whatever it is worth, even without electoral interference coming up, neither George W. Bush nor Barrack Obama managed to improve US relations with Russia. The handshakes were followed by 2 hours of talks during which, according to Secy of State Rex Tillerson, Trump pressed Putin over his interference in the US election.


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