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Tue, 2017/11/28 - 3:38pm | Your editor
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Today www.StockGumshoe.com, a daily blog run by Travis Johnson, published its readers' ratings for www.global-investing.com which you are now reading. We were top-rated at 5 stars for our performance and for value; and at 4 stars for the quality of our content and analysis. However our customer service rating was at 3 stars, because it hard to handle. Most of the writeups were from free trials of 3 months I offered to his readers 3 year ago.

As we plan to move our website into the talkmarkets.com system, I think the customer service function will be less onerous and therefore will improve. Thank you to all the gummies who tried out this newsletter and took the time to rate my work. This is the best kind of publicity, free and independent by actual readers.


While Hong Kong continues to lower its prices for internet stocks, the US tech advance continues for Apple if not the rest of the FAANGs. Hong Kong shares lost modestly today while China plummeted another 1.3%. I am using the S&P data rather than the local indexes full of state-sector companies.


The Bank of England gave a mixed view of the impact of exiting the EU on its banks which the Governor opposed before the vote. They are said to be able to cope without having to curb lending or be bailed out by an additional sumof money this year and next after passing its stress tests.


Today we have an annual report at a funny time of year from Canada and news from India to Singapore, from Spain to the USA, from Colombia to Britain, from Chile to Israel, and plenty of spots in between.

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