Tue, 2017/01/03 - 6:41am | Your editor
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Having misremembered the day for the Florence Nightingale museum tour, which will be Weds, and not today, you are getting a brief blog today as UK and European markets return from the mid-winter hiatus. Markets are buoyant which may or may not predict how things will go later in the year.


The purchasing managers' indexes are in today with some shortfalls and some surprise highs. China fell short with below-consensus-forecast order growth of 51.5 (over 50 means the economy is growing). This was the official Caixin index which is less reliable than the one produced by Hang Seng Bank out of Hong Kong. Even worse was Brazil where the level showed further economic contraction, at 45.2.

However Europe starred with a overall level of 54.9, the highest level in nearly 6 years! German PMI came in at 55.6, the highest level in 3 years.


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