Oil and Beer

Fri, 2017/10/13 - 1:15pm | Your editor
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Not only is it Friday the 13th, but also my phone service was not restored by the technician who came yesterday. Instead of linking our existing lines to the world he set up a new link to a (gasp) 646 number rather than my 212 one. As a New Yorker I want a 212 number, and moreover one with the old chic Plaza code. 646 numbers are for refugees from Queens like the President.

Japanese brewery Asahi is proposing to sell its stake in Tsingtao Beer, what I have felt was the accompaniment to Chinese food since I first tried eating it. It was founded by Germans in 1903 in the city now called Qingdao. Asahi wants to offer Chinese a chance to quaff its own branded brew.

Another bit of bad news is that Saudi Aramco may not do an ipo after all. This was supposed to be a part of the modernization of the Kingdom after women are allowed to drive. This was reported by one of the leading newspapers in London, the Financial Times. Saudi Aramco was considering a listing there or on the Big Board and investment banks were savoring the prospect.


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