O Happy Day, Kalloo Kallay

Thu, 2017/03/02 - 2:55pm | Your editor
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Today we have good news for a change, starting with a boost for my business, running a newsletter for profit. Yesterday's public blog article about the under-representation of those owning American Depositary Receipts for Mexican blue chip stocks got me a mention by Dimitra deFotis in the Barron's on-line daily blog and increased our circulation in one fell swoop. Welcome aboard Dimitra and her followers.

Today's blog includes some more information about how retail investors can buy stock across borders, and how they are discriminated against, this time from Canada, another NAFTA country.

We also benefited from a really bang-up result from a Latin American company we recommend, which starts the paid blog today and another major bit of news about surviving breast cancer from one of our European pharmaceutical stocks.

Being a child of the Cold War like Pres. Trump (as well as a teenager in the civil rights movement, unlike him) I signed an Avaaz petition today calling for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign over his two secret meetings during the campaign with the Russian Ambassador—after which he lied under oath about this during his confirmation hearings. Join me at www.avaaz.org/

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