Nuclear Winner

Wed, 2017/08/09 - 2:17pm | Your editor
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Having lived in France for many years while dependent on power generated in its nuclear plants along the River Loire, I am an authorized atom supporter. France has to spend money to upgrade these venerable plants, but there now seems to be a push to do so even if it means building an atom power plant in western England which will probably have left the European Union before it comes on stream.

The era of no-atom power has come to an end also in the only country run by a physicist, Germany. Its supreme court has ruled that its ban on electricity companies using nuclear energy is unconstitutional and has forced the tax authorities to reimburse fines imposed on the power generating sector. Since Germany has a huge budget surplus this will not hurt its accounts—but it just may help the world become more green. While many people are terrified of atom power given the Chernobyl disaster, in fact far more people die annually because of filthy air from coal-burning plants than have ever died because of atom disasters, not just in Chernobyl in the former Soviet Union, but also at Three Mile Island in the US, and in Japan's Tepco meltdown.


PM Merkel in 2011 (despite knowing better) backed a law requiring that operators of nuclear plants pay for shutting them down and dealing with nuclear waste


This will have important consequences on our portfolio. And on a new addition to it today. We have news from Canada, Colombia, Germany, Israel, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, India, and Britain.

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