No Stolen Picasso at White House or No. 10 Downing St.

Fri, 2017/06/16 - 7:03am | Your editor
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Jared Kushner and indirectly his wife Ivanka Trump are now in the sights of special counsel Robert Mueller (I am leaving out his middle initial and 3 ticks because he is now famous.) He is looking into  the first (and only) son-in-law's financial and business relations, according to knowledgeable (but anonymous people) cited by the The Washington Post, quoted by European papers. Before his father-in-law took office, his family members met with Russky ambassador Sergey Kislyak and a Moscow banker, and are now the focus of an FBI investigation. One of Kushner's lawyers told the newspaper which broke the Watergate affair that nobody knows what the investigation is about. To translate from German, the whole process will be examined and the special counsel will look at financial underpinnings seeking links to Russia, according to lawyer Jamie Gorlick. Trump meanwhile twitters on, arguing that the relations of the Clintons and the Democrats should be examined along with Bill Clinton's meeting with the Attorney General over the email affair.


Back in the other center of the English-speaking world, Britain and the European Union confirmed that the British Brexit Secy David Davis will go to Brussels Monday to start talks on the terms of the UK's withdrawal from the EU. PM Theresa May decided to press ahead with exit talks despite her Conservative Party still lacking a majority, as it is still negotiating with the Northern Irish Democratic Union Party to get their votes in order to govern.


There is a smell of fin de regime in Washington and London. Martin Ferera, writing from Canada, says “the Maybot, as she is unflatteringly called, managed to blow a commanding lead in the polls and win yet lose the UK general election. Now Britain not only has an unstable minority government but is faced with the possibility leftist Jeremy Corbyn can become the next prime minister. The chaos to come may result in Britain becoming again what it was when I moved there in the 1970s from what was then Rhodesia: the sick man of Europe."

My husband, a born Briton, says his country is only “the most confused” in Europe. We are doing better than Malaysia at least. No stolen Picassos have been spotted at No. 10 Downing Street or in the White House.

Martin has some stock moves in mind for paid subscribers, given below along with news from Switzerland, Hong Kong, Denmark, Israel, Japan, Britain, France, and Canada. Also a comment about interest rates and energy prices by your most confused editor. We fly back to London this Sunday from our Portuguese stay, which was for family business. I am filing early as is explained to paid subscribers below.

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