No Ding Dong

Thu, 2017/09/07 - 1:58pm | Your editor
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I had an aunt named Irma. I had a childhood friend named Harvey. I have a cousin named Sandy. I think all these hurricanes have something to do with my relatives. But luckily I have no relative named Katrina.

I reflect on these connections because both our telephone lines are down today, which has never happened before. Given the constraints I am putting out an emergency blog today with a limited amount of news, as I cannot confirm anything coming in on the Internet with a phone call. I have to leave my cellphone available to get the telephone company repairman in. It reminds me of nothing so much as France in the 1960s. We managed to garner news from Canada, Chile, Argentina, India, Australia, Britain, Brazil, Russia, France, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Bermuda, Denmark, and the USA, despite the phone service being cut off.



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