Nationalist Communist China

Thu, 2009/03/12 - 1:00pm | Your editor
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     A series of Chinese actions over the last few days mark a resurgence of nationalism in Beijing. First there was the murky saga of the Yves Saint-Laurent auction at Christie's in Paris, over Manchu animal heads made in Europe for the Summer Palace, which are hardly Chinese treasures, and which the country could have bought before the auction for a lower price.

     Then there was the standoff in international waters with a U.S. surveillance ship keeping an eye on Hainan Island. The U.S., which I trust in these matters, says China was violating international law.

     And on Monday, there was a huge selloff in the final moments of trading in HSBC Bank, which is British, but also a part of the Hong Kong establishment: issuer of banknotes; key to the index; operator of the index (throgh its Hang Seng subsidiary); and investment touted by the city's Mir. Big, Li Ka-Sheng.

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