Wed, 2017/11/01 - 2:26pm | Your editor
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The Hallowe'en murderer killed 8 people along the western bike path along the Hudson River. Five were Argentinians celebrating the 20th anniversary of their graduation as engineers from a Rosario high school. Another victim was a Belgian national. The killer was an Uber driver from Uzbekistan with a thick rough black beard.

The site was near Stuyvesant High School, on of my city's schools which only admits top students. Now the High Line bike path becomes another place where people were randomly killed by a mass murderer, be it the Federal Building in Oklahoma City or a hotel in Las Vegas. Just as with the Boston Marathon murderers, his being a Muslim is not why he killed. It was because he is crazy. That he was not a native born American is irrelevant. So were 75% of those he killed.


*Pimco's marquee manager and Chief Investment Office, Dan Ivascyn, explained to Citywire how he managed the group's Pimco income funds this year. He played on the inability of the US Adminsitration to push through major tax, health, or infrastructure reforms to boost absolute and relative returns and generate income despite low interst rates. Washington gridlock gave the fund group a chance to “play offense” around US interest rates and volatility using derivatives and careful risk management. This matters to us because the largest shareholder in Pimco out in California is Germany's Allianz SE whose shares we bought when Mr Ivascyn's predessor as “bond king”, Bill Gross, walked out.

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