The Mounties and Norsemen Are Coming

Fri, 2017/02/17 - 3:54pm | Your editor
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Today is a busy one because Monday is a public holiday celebrating two of our presidents, Washington and Lincoln, giving us a chance to take a break from their current successor's rants and raves against, among other fiends, the free press, of which I am a part. The markets are digesting big news, including a bid for Unilever by Kraft and, in our case, lots of quarterly and annual reports.

And with a holiday coming, equity traders are busily locking in some recent wow profits with sales, taking down the markets to take some money off the table, not just in Trumplandia, but world wide.

The dollar is down too, maybe because of terrifying press conference and the clear disarray of the current administration.

But we have to get busy with annual reports from our companies in Panama, Mexico, Israel, Brazil, and Germany—a full deck—and cover important news from other areas. There will be no blog Monday. We also have a new stock pick in anticipation of St. Patrick's Day, from Ireland. Plus an explantion  of my headline.

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