Midtown Manhattan Out of the Loop

Fri, 2017/09/08 - 1:49pm | Your editor
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The phone outage turns out to be general in the East Midtown area even including Trump Tower, where luckily the President's family no longer resides. The rot is also affecting Queens reached by a bridge near my office. They promise service will resume by Sept. 18. I am not sure I can manage that long with only a cellphone.


Meanwhile the dollar has hit a 32-month low against the euro despite the Trump deal with the Democrats to kick a debt ceiling vote down the road. It may just be hurricanes but my theory is that money men fear Pres. Trump no longer expects to deliver the tax cuts they are waiting for and are placing their bets on the European Central Bank rather than the Fed to next raise rates or at least cut stimulus. The Portuguese 10 year bond is up 7 basis points because the market expects other yields to rise, but not Lisbon's where the bank bailout fund is again being tapped.


Given the phone situation, I am again filing very little. I cannot phone up to reach sources as I need to keep the cell line open for emergencies and the telephone company. My internet is also affected, possibly because of the huge leak reported by Equifax where we have some accounts. I feel like I am visiting Third World countries like China and Egypt. It sure feels like then end of civilization as we know it in Manhattan.


The data breach affects about 45% of the US population whose social security numbers and driver's license data has been hacked. Equifax knew about this in July but waited to tell the world apparently so its top brass could seel shares.


The environment isn't helping any. Apart from Irma, we have had a huge earthquake offshore southern Mexico, mudslides in the Swiss Alps, and fatal flooding in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Myanmar. More today from Mexico, the Dutch Antilles, Britain, Israel, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Colombia, Brazil, and South Korea.

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